World Music Department

The world music department explores the rich diversity of traditional musics both globally and locally through a combination of cultural studies and traditional performance practices. Our department represents and interacts with a variety of folk tunes, songs, stories, and cultural expressions from around the world.

Celtic Ensemble is a traditional music group that performs tunes and songs of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Galician, Breton, and Scandinavian origins. With a varied instrumentation, and an emphasis on learning aurally, the Celtic Ensemble is open to anyone interested.

celtic ensemble

Chinese Folk Ensemble is a traditional music group dedicated to playing a variety of traditional Chinese instruments and melodies from various regions around the country. The ensemble is open to anyone interested, and promotes cultural exchange and awareness through creative expression of traditional melodies.

Chinese Folk Ensemble

Folk Music of the Americas is an ensemble that plays traditional music from many regions in the Americas. The group performs old time songs and tunes from the United States, as well as indigenous songs, folk songs and tunes from Central and South America, and syncretic musics, exploring a broad variety of American cultural traditions.

folk music of the americas

World Music Workshop is a course that surveys traditional music from around the globe, with an emphasis on exploratory play. Students perform traditional music on a variety of traditional instruments and learn about cultural traditions that comprise the context of the musical traditions represented in their hands-on coursework.

world music workshop image

The World Music Instrument Collection at Troy’s School of Music includes traditional instruments from a rich variety of cultures, many of which are regularly played in World Music Workshop and in our ensembles. Follow the link to see our expanding collection of performance-quality instruments from around the world.

instrument collection

Last Updated: 09/29/2016